There is a mathematical substructure in music which promotes a sense of rigor and beauty, but which need not be understood consciously. The role of structure in this work is similar. There is an affinity between this work and Middle Eastern tilings.

From the upper left, clockwise:

1. An interior view of the small dome.
2. Colors are suggested by the volumetric water color studies. Aqua has been assigned to Alpha, red to Beta, blue to Gamma, and yellow to Delta.
3. A Middle Eastern two-dimension tiling using an aperiodic arrangement of form.
4. Passacaglia, by Ann Preston
5. Passacaglia, by of Ann Preston
6. A Middle Eastern three-dimensional tiling.

TETRAS, page 3
TETRAS, page 3
solar cells, glass, concrete
1/2 mi x 1/2 mi